Why Work With Me?

I believe that all things are possible when we have the right people on our team who empower us. As your food business coach, I am committed to empowering you achieve your goals.  I use my 15+ years of experience in the food industry, business aptitude, and sharp intuition to guide you, the Entrepreneur, in business development.

There are many options to access professional food consultants, and I too, offer consulting services to compliment my coaching business.  But first and foremost, I believe that with a little coaching and support, YOU can master your small-scale food processing operations – this is what sets me apart from other food industry professionals.  I will help you build the skills you need to continuously grow your business. Together, let’s dig deep and dream big.

What I Stand For

We (humans) cannot exist on Earth without plants. Plants and humans have a symbiotic relationship – not only do plants nourish our bodies and feed the animals that we (some of us) eat, but they also use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen while we use oxygen to produce carbon dioxide.  The simple act of breathing brings the energy of plants into our energy system, and on a more intimate level, when we eat food, the flesh of plants brings their energy into our bodies and affects us on a cellular level.

When we eat, we are also welcoming a host of microorganisms to interact with us intimately. These nearly invisible forms of life can be beneficial to our health, or it can harm us. You might be familiar with the assistance we receive by consuming beneficial bacteria from fermented foods, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the devastation of pathogenic microorganisms.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I often get a worrisome look and am asked if my job involves genetic modification of food.  My simple answer is that in fact, I do the opposite. I help small- and micro- scale entrepreneurs build prosperous and risk-adverse food businesses. We’re unlearning what large-scale industrial agriculture and food processing have taught us and rebuilding our crucial relationship with plants.

I have spent many years working in the food industry, and I’ve seen a lot and learned a lot.  I am inspired by the potential of food science to feed the world and apply its principles to help entrepreneurs create food products that are congruent with human life.  Each client I work with contributes to the bigger picture – a more resilient food system, a stronger local food economy, and a nourished community.

I do this by offering coaching, consulting and facilitation. I coach food entrepreneurs on the technical aspects of the business, that is, food safety, regulatory compliance, risk management, operations and product development.  I facilitate learning by teaching workshops on food safety, product development and business planning. Clients that have worked with me in the coaching or facilitation capacity can access consulting services that include food safety plan development, implementation and management, regulatory review, package / label design, facility design, and assistance with commercialization or scale-up.

My Experience, Education & Qualifications:

  • Certified Canadian HACCP Professional
  • Master of Science (2005), University of Guelph (Food Science)
  • Bachelor of Science (2001), University of Guelph (Food Science)
  • Director, Small Scale Food Processors Association
  • Director, Central Kootenay Food Policy Council
  • 5 years food industry experience as a Product Developer / Product Development Manager
  • 5 years food industry experience in Research & Development
  • 5 years food, natural health product, and chemicals industries Regulatory and Quality Management Consultant
  • 5 years food industry experience in Sales & Marketing, Foodservice and Quality Management
  • Numerous professional courses in Food Safety & HACCP

Industry Participation:

  • Director, Small Scale Food Processors Association
  • Director, Central Kootenay Food Policy Council

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