Business Planning Workshop Coming To Creston!

Fields Forward, Foundtree Product Design and Left Field Marketing is pleased to announce that the incredibly successful Agri-Food Business Planning Workshop is coming to beautiful Creston Valley, BC! The 2-day Agri-Food Business planning workshop, is a program funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and has already supported over 200 entrepreneurs across BC since inception in 2015. We will be facilitating the workshop on Saturday April 1st to Sunday April 2nd at the Wynndel Hall in Wynndel, BC.

This workshop is an invaluable opportunity for you to invest in yourself and build a solid foundation for success. By participating in this workshop, you will become well versed in the business planning process, market access and analysis, product development, financial planning and management, quality assurance, labeling and packaging, production economics and logistics.  Not only will you build-out or refresh your business plan, it’s a great opportunity to get insight from and network with fellow Agri-food companies.

Greg McLaren of Left Field marketing is a business management and marketing professional specializing in marketing, business development, and workshops for Farm|Food|Drink businesses and organizations. Greg has over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales operations and the teaching of these same processes. He and his team have developed and managed business planning projects, marketing programs, and advertising campaigns for large and small farm and food businesses and the associations that serve them. His focus is on growing local and regional food producers and farm businesses throughout BC.

Sylvia Chong is a Food Scientist and entrepreneur best known for her expertise in business development and making food safety fun! Sylvia discovered her passion for food at the University of Guelph, where she received a NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Studies Scholarship to complete a Master’s Degree. She has previously worked in the food industry areas of food safety, quality assurance, product development, research and development, and regulatory compliance. Sylvia uses this experience to coach business owners through all stages of growth.  She is also a Canadian Certified HACCP Professional, an approved food safety facilitator for the Food Processing Human Resources Council of Canada, a director of the Small-Scale Food Processors Association and Central Kootenay Food Policy Council.  Sylvia brings an experienced technical and operational perspective to the small-scale food processing industry.

1. The Business Planning Process: Learn about the key elements of a Business Plan from start to finish.
2. Market Access and Analysis: Learn how to assess and research your market.
3. Product Development: Learn strategies for success from concept to commercialization.
4. Financial planning and management: Learn how to budget, plan as well as read and understand your financial statements.
5. Quality Assurance: Understand quality assurance, quality control and food safety systems.
6. Labeling and packaging: Learn the elements of package design and legislated labeling requirements.
7. Production Economics: Learn how to determine the costs of production.
8. Logistics: Learn the basics of procurement, receiving, storage and shipping.

The cost is $105 per participant and includes lunch. Contact Sylvia Chong at (250) 608-3663 with your questions. Register online at:

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