Food Industry Specialist, Sylvia Chong, Receives CCHP Designation

A professional designation or qualification, is a designation earned by a person to ensure qualification to perform a job or task.

The CCHP designation stands for Certified Canadian HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Professional. Certified professionals can be relied on to ensure the food safety practices are the priority in your food processing facility, and have the ability to improve and enhance your facility, their training methods, and food safety standards.

Today I challenged the CCHP exam and passed! I am proud to achieve this designation as proof of my ability to help clients improve food safety in their operations.

When I started down the path of food science, I never imagined that I would be a CCHP or consulting in food safety. I was focused on product development, research and innovation, and believed that following the R&D route would bring me career satisfaction and happiness.

For years now, I have been suffering from sinusitis and seasonal allergies. In desperation last year, I went to see an allergist and discovered that my food allergies were escalating. I proceeded to see a naturopath who facilitated food sensitivity testing, and low and behold, I have numerous food sensitivities as well. My knowledge about my own health and awareness of allergen management has only improved since, and with the help of a TCM practitioner, I am continuing to make changes in my life to improve my health. In the last few months, I have become more aware of my sensitivities and reactions to food, which includes anaphylaxis.

As the occurrence of food allergies increases in the Canadian population, so are the food safety requirements, yet our industry is challenged in many ways to meet those requirements. From a personal perspective, I want to help my clients see the value in improving food safety in their operations while making the process painless and approachable.

Food allergens are not the only connection between food and our health. Cases of food borne illness are reported (an unreported) every year, and in some cases have lead to permanent injury or death. Food is an inherently risky business and risk can be mitigated with a food safety management system like HACCP. Our lives and your livelihood depend on food safety, so let me help you move forward safely.

For more information about the CCHP designation and how you can help facilitate this needed change in our industry, go to:

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