The Kootenay Food Industry Listserv is an electronic mail discussion platform established to foster collaboration amongst food industry stakeholders in the Kootenay Regions of BC. Let’s come together and facilitate continued growth of our local food economy.

Membership is free, and members/subscribers can submit e-mails to the entire industry community using the listserv e-mail address. Some of the reasons you might use this listserv for are: as a tool to share industry resources and information, to bring forward concerns, challenges and needs, and for collaboration, such as group buying and distribution.  Please keep the content relevant and positive.

Membership is open to value-chain stakeholders (producers, processors, suppliers, retailers, service providers) located in the East Kootenays, West Kootenays and Kootenay Boundary Regions. As the listserv host and moderator, Foundtree Product Design reserves the right to pre-qualify members and to remove members that do not regard the basic guidelines for listserv etiquette. The guidelines below have been established to ensure a positive and fruitful experience for all members.

Members of the community are open to collaboration, and are receptive to constructive comment and criticism, as the experiences and skill sets of other members contribute to the whole of our efforts. We foster an environment where all subscribers can participate and everyone can make a difference.

Members of the community are considerate of their peers and other subscribers. We’re thoughtful when addressing the efforts of others, keeping in mind that often times the labor was completed simply for the good of the community. We’re attentive in our communications, whether in person or online, and we’re tactful when approaching differing views.

Members of the community are respectful. We’re respectful of others, their positions, their skills, their commitments, and their efforts. We’re respectful of the volunteer efforts of the moderator(s) and we’re respectful of the processes set forth in the community, and we work with them. When we disagree, we are courteous in raising our issues.

Overall, we are good to each other. We contribute to this community not because we have to, but because we want to. If we remember that, these guidelines will come naturally.

We disapprove, in the strongest possible way, of any use of the listserv to send spam or unsolicited commercial mail (UCE).

Slander is never cool, especially in a small community. If you have experiences to share that are less than positive, respond to the inquirer directly.

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