May Special $100 Nutrition Facts

Don’t miss out! For the month of May (2019), Foundtree Product Design is offering Nutrition Data Services for the highly discounted flat rate price of $100 per product (regular price starts at $175 per product).

Use the form below to get started.

Nutrition Facts for $100

Nutrition Facts for $100

To calculate your nutrition facts, the following information must be provided by e-mail to
1. Recipe(s), with solid ingredients in weight and liquid in volume
2. Process steps, numbered with a brief description of what happens at each step
3. Process Yield, if in # of units, provide the unit net weight or volume
4. If known, desired serving size for which you want the data reported
5. If known, NFT format in which you want the data reported. For a list of NFT formats, navigate here:

Note that some ingredients may not be listed in the database, and you may be asked to provide nutrition data for those ingredients.





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