Every food processor is required to have a food safety plan. A written document and records, a food safety plan can be a lot more than just a requirement – it can help you reduce risk to your business and gives customers assurance that you are diligent.

Food safety consulting services include:

  • Navigating your requirements
  • Developing a food safety plan to meet provincial, federal and/or HACCP* certification requirements
  • Product-specific HACCP Plans
  • Implementation and ongoing maintenance of your food safety plan
  • Custom training for your business and employees
  • On-site gap assessments
  • Facility and process design

*HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.  It is a scientific systematic approach to managing food safety that is used world-wide.


Navigating the regulatory world can be like walking through a labyrinth. Understanding the language isn’t simple either. Whether you need help with reviewing a product label or understanding what claims you can or cannot make, I can help ensure your business is and remains compliant.

Regulatory compliance services include:

  • Regulatory review of labels
  • Confirming the ingredients and allergens are declared appropriately
  • Preparation of nutrition facts data
  • Confirming that claims are allowable
  • Interpretation of regulations


To assess how your business measures up to food safety standards and the HACCP benchmark, a gap assessment is a critical tool that can help you identify non-conformities.   I have conducted many gap assessments for small-scale food processors in BC, ranging from the one-person, rural operation to an advanced, high-volume commercial facility.  In a gap assessment, I come on-site to your facility and take a close look at the physical premises, any existing written policies and procedures you use, HACCP plans, and operational practices.  After the visit, I prepare a comprehensive report with recommendations for you that are based on the level of food safety standards appropriate for your business and the regulatory requirements that apply to you. I am not an Inspector – the report is for your purposes and provided to you in confidence.


Moving, upgrading or building a new facility? Let me help set you up for success by guiding your build. I start with your products and processes and conduct an on-site assessment. Next, we work together to design the layout of the facility to ensure it meets your requirements as well as regulatory requirements. I can also help you build out a budget for your build and assist in the food premises permit application process by developing a compliant food safety plan.


Not only does your package and label make a lasting impression on customers, they must comply with the regulations. Packaging must protect its contents and be appropriate. Labels and packaging must work together to deliver your product to the market. My talented and experienced graphic artist will ensure your label(s) fit with your brand and are professional, and I will use my keen regulatory eye to guarantee they are compliant.

Package & label design services include:

  • Brand and logo concept and design
  • Selecting appropriate packaging
  • Guidance with shelf-life validation
  • Taking your label design concept to print-ready art files


As an experienced coach and Food Processing Human Resources Council approved facilitator, I can provide custom or industry-standardized training to meet the growing needs of your business. Training topics include food safety and HACCP, value-added processing, product development, regulatory compliance, quality management, business planning and more. Check out the “Workshops” page for upcoming training or contact me for more information.

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